I Link You Very Much…

May 24, 2006

Quick Links

I thought I would whack out a quicklinks post…some funny stuff and some weird far out there stuff…lol…Lets Begin…

  • Group Hug – Ever wanted to confess something in public but your worried that people might judge you…well you can now on this site I found its a really cool idea just post what you want to confess and it goes on front page and they wont know who you are.
  • Whats Jack Bauer gonna do without his booze?!?…amongst saving the world he has drinking and public exposure on his CV…thats our superhero. (CityRag)
  • Anyone who has been watching the latest series of Sopranos will know what this is about. (Jeff Mauro)
  • Not the best Webcam video you will see but still I would bang each one of these. (Google Video)
  • Brangelina about to have the baby…we shall await the name they shall called it!!! (AP)
  • Katie and Tom are going at it hammer and tongs…already oh well Suri is in for a good time then. (Egotastic)
  • Marie is booed…noooo Sofia cant have a bad film especially after Lost in Translation (BBC)
  • Do you want the hatch from lost in your bedroom?!?…well now you can in form of action figures…I cant wait to play with Kate!!! (WizbangPop)
  • Seems the work to get these days is to wave because it earns you $200k…well if your name is Paris Hilton it does. (Derek Hail)
  • Im currently listening to Avril Lavignes back catalogue and well here she is looking hot and something I never noticed before…she has boobs!!! (Dontlinkthis)

One Response to “I Link You Very Much…”

  1. jen Says:

    i like the links entry. i do this sometimes. but i don’t have a cool banner for it like you do. you have given me a project. [create a banner for links only entries]

    btw, found ya via blogmad.

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