Link-end Week-end…

May 26, 2006

As the weekend approaches its time for a link post…I enjoy doing these it means I get to share with you my searches amongst the blog world…

  • Media-Post have posted the coolest movie gangs but they are missing a couple of gangs imo…mainly the baseball guys from The Warriors who ruled!!!.
  • A video of an womens ass which is very bouncy!!! – Flurl
  • With the return of ECW relive some of the classic moments with this video on Wrestling Press Box

  • It seems that Hilary Swank and Chad Lowe are seperating after all. – Superficial
  • Gwen has given birth to a boy!!!….woooooop…now Angelina when are you gonna drop?!? – Popsugar
  • Everytime in friends if it was a tight shirt that Rachel would be wearing we would see hard nips seems Aniston carries that into real life as well!!! – Hollywood Tuna
  • Theres gonna be a Dukes of Hazzard prequel…oh god no!!! – Socialites Life
  • Michelle Rodriguez is leaving the country after she serves time. – Egotastic
  • This is a Killer way to get dumped!!!… – Gorillamask
  • Real Life Streetfighter via Google Video – Gorillamask
  • Ever Wondered if a Celeb has oopsed lately…check out this site!!! – Robbs Celebs

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