Natalie Portman Bares All…

May 31, 2006

We all saw Closer well I did and thought during the Stripper scene that Natalie should of at least bared a breast or shown her ass or something thats not me saying the movie wasnt good because it was because I went out and bought the following week but in her new movie called Goyas Ghosts she is showing all…according to a reporter for AICN who saw the movie early and its a scene that involves torture which sounds good!!!…read more over at AICN or JoBlo…(if you are looking forward to the movie then the AICN is spoilertastic)

One Response to “Natalie Portman Bares All…”

  1. Pud Says:

    Yeah the Closer scene was a bit lacking but I’m not sure about the whole torture thing…

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