Planet Damien…

June 14, 2006

The Redesign Process of Rappys World is on….and at the moment im in process of securing domain and securing a new blog type system but until then all posts will be on Planet Damien…they will be daily round up posts…not individual posts….so pop on over and make sure you bookmark it either on browser or via Feedburner…


June 12, 2006

Its like something out of the old Michael Jackson video for thriller…its that scary that Denise Richards would lower herself to perform with the pussycorpse trolls (pussycat dolls unless you have seen the video for Beatfreakz song Somebody watching over me). This was taken in Las Vegas and also it maybe the case she is also engaged to Richie Sambora…Rappys judgement is dont do it Denise…you can do better!!!

Another weekend and that means another collection of links…probably wont post much over weekend…so enjoy these!!! 🙂

<> Madonna doesnt like Britney no more…shes losing friends…im always here – Derek Hail

<> Angelina and her rack says thanks and goodbye to Nambia – WWTDD

<> World Cup Fever has it Rappys Blog via Mascot Fighting!!! – Betfair

<> P Diddy vs Jessica Simpson…who ya got?!? – Hollywood Tuna

<> Jessica Alba turns me on and it seems also some dolphins!!! – The Sun

<> Keeley Hazell celebrates world cup by getting kit on and off – Fubar

<> Sync your firefox with a google plugin….useful tip – Digg

<> Bond girl is sad…why so sad Daniel Craig not secret enough for you?!? – Yeeeah!

<> Xfactors Nikki Sanderson agrees its hot and she should shed clothes – Cognito

<> Dont forget the return of ECW…Check the Official Sites or

<> Nicole Richie hides and Ashley Rocks!!! – Pink is the new Blog

To Finish heres the posters for Clerks 2 being released soon…





June 9, 2006


Here is the poster to the new Transformers movie coming out soon and it looks amazing and this nerd right here cant wait…also make sure you check the Official Site 🙂

Zach Braff.Com…

June 9, 2006


I saw today that Zach Braff has launched his new official site…its been a long time but it looks amazing!!!. We have his favourite music listed on there and a teaser for his new film Last Kiss which looks really good starring Rachel Bilson among others…go check it out HERE

Wanna Cool Down!!!…

June 9, 2006


Well Nicole Richie took advantage of the hot weather by throwing water all over the papz good on you girl…its been so hot here in the UK and im sure its gonna get hotter so I thought this was topical…thanks Gossipin!!!

Yep Scarlett has the best Cleavage in Hollywood…wooo she does love her "girls" as she calls them and we all love her girls as well…shes so hot tho…lucky Josh Hartnett. Jess Simpson came in second while Lindsay came in 9th…thats a shock but she went through that crappy phase where she lost her boobs so I can see where they might get that from. Heres the list… (Credit to Starpulse and Socialites Life)

1. Scarlett Johansson
2. Jessica Simpson
3. Salma Hayek
4. Halle Berry
5. Jessica Alba
6. Tyra Banks
7. Jennifer Love Hewitt
8. Rebecca Romijn
9. Lindsay Lohan
10. Brittany Murphy