Jessica Alba Wants to Expose them…

June 2, 2006

Well if she wants to get them out why dont she?!?…she has reported to have said that she wants to go topless on the beach when she goes but shes afraid that photographers will catch her and get pictures, well there is paparazzi everywhere you go so its gonna be hard not to get caught. I hope for one day a shot of the goods!!!

She said: "I would do if it were just me and my guy, but the paparazzi seem to pop up everywhere. "I think I'll be wearing a bikini. Bikinis are more flattering on my body." Alba admits that she loves showing off her sexy body now she's older – because felt guilty about her womanly curves while growing up. (FemaleFirst)

One Response to “Jessica Alba Wants to Expose them…”

  1. Levi Hatzell Says:

    Jessica Alba is a good actress she played that part in honey and i know the movie the eye is gonna be awesome she like one of my favorite actress she needs to get an Oscar or some kind of a reward for how good and terrific she is.

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