Do you Link Rappy?!?…

June 9, 2006

Another weekend and that means another collection of links…probably wont post much over weekend…so enjoy these!!! 🙂

<> Madonna doesnt like Britney no more…shes losing friends…im always here – Derek Hail

<> Angelina and her rack says thanks and goodbye to Nambia – WWTDD

<> World Cup Fever has it Rappys Blog via Mascot Fighting!!! – Betfair

<> P Diddy vs Jessica Simpson…who ya got?!? – Hollywood Tuna

<> Jessica Alba turns me on and it seems also some dolphins!!! – The Sun

<> Keeley Hazell celebrates world cup by getting kit on and off – Fubar

<> Sync your firefox with a google plugin….useful tip – Digg

<> Bond girl is sad…why so sad Daniel Craig not secret enough for you?!? – Yeeeah!

<> Xfactors Nikki Sanderson agrees its hot and she should shed clothes – Cognito

<> Dont forget the return of ECW…Check the Official Sites or

<> Nicole Richie hides and Ashley Rocks!!! – Pink is the new Blog

To Finish heres the posters for Clerks 2 being released soon…




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