Beyonce is a Man…

July 10, 2006


Well she will be for her next role if rumours are to be believed…she could be set to play…Bob Dylan!!!…yes a man and a great man at that Todd Haynes the director said he was looking for a woman to unleash what he says is Dylans “inner blackness”…

Bob Dylan

This is quoted from Female First

Seven actors – including the black woman – will portray Dylan during different eras in his 43-year career, starting in the 1960s when his song, ‘The Times They Are Changin’ became an anti-war anthem. Other female stars in line to play Dylan include tennis champion Venus Williams and TV presenter Oprah Winfrey. Although it is quite common in film biopics for characters to be played by more then one actor, it is extremely rare for them to change sex or race. Haynes, whose previous work has earned him an Oscar nomination, says he wants to hire various actors to take on the role as Dylan was “too complex” to be played by a conventional actor. He added: “I am setting out to explode the idea that anybody can be depicted in a single self.”

I donno im not sold on the idea myself but it would be a bit different to see at the cinemas. (Thanks to Wesmirch as well)

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