Suri Might Exist….

July 11, 2006

We havent seen Suri Cruise as of yet since she was born and thats led people to think that she doesnt exist and yesterday some major proof was released to TMZ and that proof is a Birth Certificate but there are some weird things that arent right.

Suri Birth Certificate

This is quoted from TMZ…

First, St. John’s Hospital has a policy of filing birth certificates within 10 days of birth. In this case, Suri was born on April 18 but the certificate was not filed until May 8, 20 days later. An official from the hospital told TMZ that the delay occurred because they needed a signature from the parents or a representative of the parents certifying birth, and that person did not come in until May 4. The person who signed is labeled “friend.” The signature is not legible.Also, the “Attendant or Certifier” who signed the certificate — Anne Heffernan, RNC — was not in the delivery room and did not see the baby. But a hospital rep tells TMZ that Heffernan is authorized to sign when the doctor is not available. A hospital rep said “normally the doctor signs” but it isn’t a requirement.

I just wonder when we might see Suri, all the other celebritys like to show their kids off which is cool but Tom/Katie hide their bundle of joy. More will probably be released soon.

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