Pussycat Doll Sings About Stone…

July 26, 2006

Nicole Scherzinger

Its funny when you read about singers singing about boyfriends or their lovers former conquests, think I’ll have to listen to this song just to see what she says about Joss Stone. Interesting thing is I sing about Joss but the words probably couldnt be aired on the radio or even on the net in that matter.

The star, who is currently working on her own album, has recorded a track written by Joss’s ex-boyfriend Beau Dozier – focusing on his relationship with the soul singer. A source told the Daily Star, “Nicole recorded a track called Lie About Us with American urban star Avant. It was meant to be held back for her solo album, but his people insisted it go on his record. The tune is doing the rounds in the US and is shaping up to be massive, thus the ideal launchpad for Nicole’s solo project. “Lie About Us was written and produced by Beau about his love for Joss and how he was dating a girl but fell head over heels for Joss and finished things.” Joss and Beau split last winter after spending two years together.

(Digital Spy)

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