Come Here Often?!?…

July 27, 2006


Thanks to Egotastic for this cool story!!!…It seems on Scarletts Birthday she went to a strip club yes you read that right a strip club. She revealed to Letterman how when she was 20 she went to Disney Land for her birthday but last year her brother wanted to go to see some strippers so she obliged. She said she was given a gift of a stripper and she tried to talk to her like conversation…but the question is who talks to strippers unless they look nerdy. Part of the story is below…read the rest on Starbuzz

The experience wasn’t just painfully awkward for Johansson, it was just plain painful. “I had this very tall girl … she was Amazonian. She was, like, this tall really, really skinny girl,” said Johansson. “She was quite manic and strange.” “So she’s kind of gyrating into me,” she continued, “[but] she was so thin that her pelvic or hip bone or some kind of bone bruised me. It was horrible!”

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