l1nks f0r w33k3nd…

July 28, 2006

I havent done one of these in a while so here so a quick but maybe good link post for this weekend.

Mel Gibson is done for Drink Driving, wonder where the passion was when he was arrested. (Socialites Life)

Harry Potter is gonna show the adoring fans his wood inform of stage show. (Mollygood)

Paris and Nicole will be friends again woooo that means a good season of Simple Life. (National Enquirer)

While talking about Nicole…whats she wearing ffs?!?. (Skynews)

Porn on your nintendo DS…it can happen you know!!!. (Fleshbot)

Touching yourself on a balcony…thats good and then the papz will see you Victoria. (WWTDD)

Yahoo have launched Yahoo Messenger 8.0. (Techcrunch)

Eric Stolz as Marty McFly…yeah it happened!!!. (BTTF.com)

Have a peek at whats happening in Springfield for the movie. (Simpsons Channel)

Babes of the 1980’s…where are they now?!?. (Yesbutnobutyes)

We end today with a youtube video from Comiccon which shows Venom yes that dude right at the end but the quality is crap so its a shame really I reaaaaaaaly hope sony release the good version.

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