Link But Not as in Zelda…

August 3, 2006

Come to that time again well a bit earlier then it was last week because I have no real posts to make so why not post some stuff I have found interesting on da world wide web.

/ So you wanna know how good Xtinas new album is?!?…pop on over to this site to read a review of each song. (Hotstuff Files)

/ If you thought K-Fed just wanted to rule the music scene….think again!!!…he wants to rule cinemas as well…thus begins the K-Fed Cult. (Starpulse)

/ Brucie is on board for a 4th Die Hard adventure has I reported on my the other day. (Now Playing Magazine)

/ Ode to be the ice cream…so Scarlett can lick you till cream goes down her mouth…okay i’ll stop before this is smut. (Egotastic)

/ Jennifer Wuv Hewitt has gained weight well it seems like it but that didnt stop me buying a yellow t-shirt… (Hollywood Tuna)

/ Top 10 sites if your a student…you know I find the games one good. (CNET)

/ Ubuntu has made its way to the streets!!! (Ubuntu Blog)

/ There will be no Gibson mini series, maybe have Reality show following Mel around…call it “Mels Maddness”. (KESQ)

/ Have we got a replacement for Sourceforge?!?…in the form of Google. (Engtech Blog)

/ Arsenals new stadium set to host Brazil and Argentina…pretty cool stadium. (Arsenal Blog)

We end with a youtube video as always…this time its Mentos over your house…I want to try this…dont ask why tho.

One Response to “Link But Not as in Zelda…”

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    I am Karin, very interesting article that contained the information I was searching for in Google, thanks.

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