Nude thats Stupid!!!…

August 7, 2006

Cat Deeley

Ever since Cat Deeley did CD:UK I think I always liked her wit and her charm and her looks but thats beside the point so when shes offered the chance to go nude…you do it…no questions asked but nooooo Leonardo di’caprio steps in and ruins the damn dream!!!…saying it would ruin her english charm…thats a pick up line and a half if you ask me.

The source added: “When he heard her talking about posing naked, he couldn’t help interjecting to advise her not to ruin her English Rose appeal.”

Meanwhile, it has been suggested Cat’s motives for dating the global superstar could be a way to advance her own career in America.

A source said: “Cat is impressing the right people. Having Leo on her arm can’t do her any harm. She could be the next Catherine Zeta Jones.”

Whats mad is that now he stepped in they are dating…whats this world coming to!!!

(Thanks Nosy Snoop, Wesmirch and Female First)

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