Links for the Memory…

August 8, 2006

I havent got much to post and im bored so its time for some liiiiiiiiiiiinks….lets get this ball rolling!!!

/ Jessica Simpson has big bones…I have to say im not feeling the outfit…doesnt make her look sexy at all!!! (Superficial)

/ Jude Law could be General Zod in Superman Sequel (Blog.Absolutely)

/ Rachel McAdams chills out with I-Pod at Bus Stop (Britboy in LA)

/ Tom Cruise is earning less and does that matter to his bank balance I think the answer is no… (Celebrity Nation)

/ Heather Mills had a run in with the law…tut tut (Celebrity Terrorist)

/ Natalie Portman may become a hooker…shes really taking my favourite kinda of roles for women (Yeeeah)

/ Cant wait to see DOA (Dead or Alive) for the moments like Volleyball in bikinis and such…meet the girls of the movie!!! (Popoholic)

/ Drew Barrymore goes hikining…we share something in common…wooop (Danas Dirt)

/ Zoo’s 100 Sexiest with some interesting results… (Ferrys Blog)

/ Britney is shopping for more then one these days and I still would (Gossipin)

/ 007 could be beckoning for P Diddy… (Hot Online News)

/ Cameron Diaz looks…Normal?!? (Idontlikeyouinthatway)

/ Snakes on a…Friend the new film made by loonies. (Danerd)

/ Found a good bedspread for future girlfriends (Karmasheetra)

/ Cant wait for the Calendar for Girls Aloud…its gonna be hot!!! (Hotstuff Files)

We end with what we usually end with and thats a funny youtube video today its the trailer to the upcoming film Pulse starring Kristin Bell.

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