Sienna Miller Knows How to Mount…

August 10, 2006

Glad to see Sienna Miller uses her out of work experience to mount a blue horse (I was just wondering about the horse myself actually…whys it blue?!?). Its also reported that her and Jude Law are Dunzo again isnt this like the second time or the third…lol

Sienna had come round to forgiving Jude and wanted to get married. She wanted to make the relationship happen, to get back to where they were.

But she wanted Jude to understand that if they ever had a row, it’s pretty likely she would bring it up. His affair will always be a sore that never completely heals.

The first thing Sienna has to admit is that she can never put the pain of the affair completely out of her mind.

The agony of those dark days following Jude’s affair will never go away. She wishes that she could have her memory erased. But even if she could forget, everyone else couldn’t.

Hmmm have to admit when I saw the Alfie pictures of Sienna I thought yep I could fap to that alot but now after seeing these images im not so sure…more after the jump!!

(Egotastic, New York Post and WeSmirch)

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