Brooke is Jaws!!!…

August 11, 2006

Can Brooke Hogan get any scarier…the answer is yes she has braces and diamond ones at that…you know I heard Casino Royale are looking for a new enemy maybe she could become the female Jaws!!!. Tho saying all this will probably earn me a big leg and leg drop from multi time world champion daddy Hulkster!!!

(Celebrity Smack)

3 Responses to “Brooke is Jaws!!!…”

  1. Capri Says:

    She looks hideous and stupid.

  2. Pud Says:

    “Grillz” look frickin stoopid

  3. Atariboy Says:

    So is she going to be in the next bond film then?

    Jaws’ Daughter, after he got jiggy in space with the body woman in moonraker!!

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