P Diddy is Loaded Ya’ll…

August 11, 2006

P Diddy

Wow I knew P Diddy was a bit rich like but not like $346m!!!…thats just mad right there but understandable…he has lots of outside interests and obviously they help his fund just sky rocket…it would nice to have $1m let alone $346m. He just pipped Jay Z to first…Jay has earnt $340m in his career. Below is the List…

/ Diddy, $346 Million

/ Jay-Z, $340 Million

/ Russell Simmons, $325 Million

/ Damon Dash, $200 Million

/ Neptunes, $155 Million

/ Dr. Dre, $150 Million

/ Ice Cube, $145 Million

/ Eminem, $110 Million

/ 50 Cent, $100 Million

/ Tie: Nelly and Jermaine Dupri, $60 Million each

To read the rest of the article go HERE.

5 Responses to “P Diddy is Loaded Ya’ll…”

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  2. kaba awa Says:

    i love you p diddy

  3. Emil Says:

    i LOVE p-Diddy so match i am yor biggest fannnnn

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  5. adry Says:

    hey, ya cool, i like you a lil, i like ur voice and ur face, it’s cute…

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