The End is Near…

August 11, 2006

David Beckham

Today probably officially marked the end of David Beckhams England Career…in the summer after the world cup he lost his Captains armband well he gave it up due to the pressure and the fact that England under performed again in the World Cup and today new England Coach Steve McClaren named his squad and he left out Beckham which is slightly a big shock but isnt a suprise due to his injuries and such of late. This does tho mark the end of a great player back in the day and good captain, after 94 caps thats it!!! (wanted him to reach 100…join other legends).

Beckham’s name was absent as McClaren unveiled his first squad – for the friendly against Greece on 16 August.

“I told David I was looking to change things, looking to go in a different direction, and he wasn’t included within that,” explained McClaren.

(BBC Sport)

One Response to “The End is Near…”

  1. trancefixed Says:

    Nothing but politics behind this decision. I can’t think of any other occassion where the captain has been dropped completely from the squad for any reasons other than injury or suspension for ANY national team.

    Regardless of whether he deserves a starting place, he still has enough to offer to sustify being in the squad.

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