Descent is Shocking…

August 13, 2006

Now and again after I watch a movie I shall post a little sum up of what i thought about it because I want to allow my readers a chance to read and see what I see.

Just now I watched a horror film called The Descent and well it was f*****g scary because of 2 reasons really 1) I was sitting in the dark watching it, never good to watch a horror movie in the dark on your own it makes it a whole lot worse and 2) The creature things were horrible they were like slimy humans that ate….humans!!!

Basically the premise is these group of girls set out to go cave walking so to speak and when they get down there they find out they are not alone because these slimy things are crawling around and leaving their previous victims all over the joint. The good thing about this movie is that it was directed by Neil Marshall who did the other good brit horror called dog soldiers which has some hardcore gore in it at various parts and that was a good movie so I expected good things with this and certainly got some good viewing…there were gripes tho. One gripe would be the idea that these “things” lived down there with no food for years because they find previous peoples stuff from the victorian era so its obivious these things lived on something…so they must of come out the cave at some point and another thing would be the girls voices one is typical english I really hate that in a movie…other then that it recieves a rappy rating of…


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