Links Awakening…

August 13, 2006

As im at a loose end this sunday afternoon thought it would be a good time to put out some major ass links to share with you readers.

/ Check out all the latest music news and latest myspace band finds. (Hotstuff Files)

/ Jess isnt in reeses goodbooks lately…tut tut (Socialites Life)

/ Who dresses ho-han lohan? (Hollywood Tuna)

/ Talking Lohan her mother is set to be the next Oprah!!! (Popsugar)

/ Eva Mendes attempts to eat her bluetooth headset (Feeding Tube)

/ Worse fears are true…Scarnett have moved in together (Scarlett Johansson and Josh Hartnett) (blognyc)

/ Atariboy may have left but he is still bloggin away. (Teabass)

/ Britneys househunting with da kfed…oh dear oh dear!!! (X17 Online)

/ Woah Biel is turning into a bi-sexual goddess…wooooot (NY Daily News)

/ Kingston Stefani is releasing album near you soon!!! (TMZ)

/ Andrew on Rails is a Blog about the platform Ruby on Rails…Go Check it Out!!! (AOR)

/ Google has hidden stuff all over their domains go find them!!! (Google Blogoscoped)

/ Wow an old skool picture of London…worth a see 5mb!!! (Wikipedia)

/ Zoom gets 0% on Rotten Tomatoes…LMFAO!!! (Rotten Tomatoes)

/ Want a professional looking website…consult the man!!! (Fishbitt)

Finish as always with a Youtube Video…Jet Li Classic today 🙂 and im outta here!!!

One Response to “Links Awakening…”

  1. Choco Says:

    Rappy, you know you are so kind to keep on featuring my site. Don’t stop. LOL.

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