Lohan Baring the Boobs…

August 14, 2006


When Lohan bares the boobs theres a dog somewhere looking up (Shaun of the Dead joke there). I think Lindsay does this because we stop talking about her for a few days so she decides she wants to wear something real skimpy and then we all stand up and notice again. Thanks to Egotastic for these boob-tastic images!!!


2 Responses to “Lohan Baring the Boobs…”

  1. Atariboy Says:

    Great find!

    Rappy… King of the side boob!

  2. Rappys World Says:

    […] What is this girl on…one day she walks around like something from the vegetable market and the next shes walking around weird shoes and then says in an interview that Sex in the City inspired her to do what she does…so im guessing shes the Kim Catrall Character?!?…because she sure aint the others thats for sure. […]

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