£342 per Minute…

August 16, 2006


Nope I dont make £342 per minute but last year Stephen Spielberg did and in a year that made him £180m which in turn made him the highest earning celebrity of 2005…how made is that but he did have a sucessful movie in War of the Worlds so that helps.


In second place was DJ Howard Stern…I dont think I know this guy well enough to comment about him…he has a radio show and had Wilmer Valderama on there once talking about his conquests thats all I know but he made £163m from doing….what he does. Other people on the list are George Lucas who made £127m and for the UKers what about Dan Brown who made a staggering £48m…Full list below!!!

1. Steven Spielberg – £180m
2. Howard Stern – £163m
3. George Lucas – £127m
4. Oprah Winfrey – £122m
5. Jerry Seinfeld – £54m
6. Tiger Woods – £49m
7. Dan Brown – £48m
8. Jerry Bruckheimer – £45m
9. JK Rowling – £41m
10. Dick Wolf – £38m

(BBC News)

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