Kate Wears it Well…

August 22, 2006


Couldnt pass up an opportunity of posting some new Kate Beckinsale pictures and more importantly of her in a bikini…boy is she smoking in these her body is so much hotter in a bikini rather then those gym clothes we see her in up at brentwood. More after jump!!!


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The Bouncing Pap…

August 20, 2006

It sometimes amazes me how desperate paparazzi want to get pictures of celebs that will literally lean over great heights i.e a balcony in a hotel to get the perfect picture of the celeb who in this case is Jessica Simpson,who looks rather fit in her pink bikini hanging out with mates.

Lifes a Beach…

August 18, 2006


I open up my RSS reader and see these i my inbox and im all in love now…I thought Rihanna would never get her kit off the aid of music but of course shes not doing it for music shes doing it because shes on holiday with mayber her boyfriend im not sure but they do look close in some of the shots. Shes also throwing mud which is pretty dirty but I can live with dirty!!!




August 17, 2006


Yesterday I posted a post about Penelope Cruz at the beach looking very hot but it seems she showed alot more then just her hot body, she lost control of her top and her nipples were out to show the world!!!…You can see unedited version after jump!!!


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Touch My Breast…

August 17, 2006


Who is this amazingly looking woman!!! (you could of course cheat and just look at image file name which stupidly I didnt change)…to see more of these captures just click more below and they are from a film called Lovewrecked.

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Pens Boobs…

August 16, 2006

Thanks to TonganIdris for this great scan of….well if you wanna know that click more to see the full scan. Shes hot and she stars alongside Salma Hayek in Bandidas.

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Doesnt it seem a life time ago when we saw Lindsay in those amazing bikinis well now is the time you can relive those choice moments with the return of the bikini queen herself. She of course went to hospital last week and then had that letter sent to her from her morgan creeks CEO which we all laughed at the words spoiled brat (mum had a go tho which is also funny) but its cool to see her back up and running and doing the lohan thing which is course is what she does best.

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(Credit HollywoodTuna and Wesmirch)

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