Britney Introduces Hubby…

August 22, 2006


Why do they persist in torturing us with Kevin Federline!!!…ok so he raps but he’s not good at it and im not saying im a good judge of rapping btw. But I bet people buy the CD because they will be intrigued with how it is and thus that makes him money. His wife introduced him at the Teen Choice Awards and the video is below.

They Look Cute!!!…

August 18, 2006


Awww how cute do mother and song look here…we have seen some right horrible images lately of Britney carrying Sean Preston around but this one taken for People Magazine is very cute and shows off the love between the mother and her son, of course needless to say theres another K-Fed idol on the way thats just enough for you to get away from the earth because K-Fed is taking over the world.


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Come to that time again well a bit earlier then it was last week because I have no real posts to make so why not post some stuff I have found interesting on da world wide web.

/ So you wanna know how good Xtinas new album is?!?…pop on over to this site to read a review of each song. (Hotstuff Files)

/ If you thought K-Fed just wanted to rule the music scene….think again!!!…he wants to rule cinemas as well…thus begins the K-Fed Cult. (Starpulse)

/ Brucie is on board for a 4th Die Hard adventure has I reported on my the other day. (Now Playing Magazine)

/ Ode to be the ice cream…so Scarlett can lick you till cream goes down her mouth…okay i’ll stop before this is smut. (Egotastic)

/ Jennifer Wuv Hewitt has gained weight well it seems like it but that didnt stop me buying a yellow t-shirt… (Hollywood Tuna)

/ Top 10 sites if your a student…you know I find the games one good. (CNET)

/ Ubuntu has made its way to the streets!!! (Ubuntu Blog)

/ There will be no Gibson mini series, maybe have Reality show following Mel around…call it “Mels Maddness”. (KESQ)

/ Have we got a replacement for Sourceforge?!?…in the form of Google. (Engtech Blog)

/ Arsenals new stadium set to host Brazil and Argentina…pretty cool stadium. (Arsenal Blog)

We end with a youtube video as always…this time its Mentos over your house…I want to try this…dont ask why tho.

Lynns Lip Dilemma…

July 31, 2006

Jamie Lynn Spears

Dont know whats going on with Jamie Lynns Spears lips in these pictures from the premiere of Barnyard but she has some kind of sore under her lip, maybe its from her boyfriend who is alot hunkier then me and would probably beat me if he read this. But the good thing to come from this is she is gonna be bigger then Britney Spears.

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Britney Spears

The former Poolboy of Britney Spears has spoken out how she wasnt as nice as she seems after he was fired for talking to much to Kevin Federline. Kevin used to lie around and then he would be talking to K-Fed and then Britney would come out shouting…poor dude it aint his fault that K-Fed is lazy using his downtime to write songs.

“She wants Kevin on a leash,” LaLanne told the mag. “She fires everybody. I figured, ‘Why not me?’ I just didn’t expect her to be so mean.” He adds: “It’s a revolving door there. She’s not the nice person everyone thinks she is.”

(Credit to WeSmirch and MSNBC)

Kevin Federline

It seems like K-Fed has got himself a deal on the same label as his wife Britney, ok they are still negotiating but wherever there is Britney it means money spinning time so dont be suprised if K-Fed gets the deal. I would of got a deal somewhere else because you never know when you marriage could be screwed and she could take everything plus the deal!!!…

Aspiring rapper Kevin Federline is supposedly negotiating a record contract with Jive Records, the same label that his wife Britney Spears is signed to. The former dancer, sometimes known as ‘K-Fed’, has recorded an album, but until now has failed to obtain a deal with a music company. However, it looks like the 28-year-old’s music career will soon progress. A source told the New York Daily News: “Nothing is definite yet, but it looks like K-Fed is going to keep it all in the family.”

(Source and WeSmirch)

Another weekend and that means another collection of links…probably wont post much over weekend…so enjoy these!!! 🙂

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To Finish heres the posters for Clerks 2 being released soon…