August 23, 2006


Also visit my LOST WEBSITE and my PERSONAL BLOG.

God it feels like ages since I blogged away on here…I would blog dont get me wrong but on 56k its gonna take forever and then its not worth it. I have missed alot since I been away tho one being Jessica Biel is up for auction!!! well a date at least and loads of new Lindsay Bikini pictures (she knows how to kick me while im down!!!)

I should be back in all promise the 26th July thats when my broadband connection is turned on and then its update heaven and back to doing it old skool people.

While the Cats Away…

July 15, 2006

Hey All…I havent deserted my post again!!!

I have just moved house and at the moment im on dial up pay as you go dial up so its hard to post without it costing a damn bomb…so until the 26th July thats when my connection returns to 6mb theres gonna be no posts but you can keep up with what im doing on my diary/journal at and while your in a visiting mood visit Logopond a new intiative created by minds behind andfound lost site.

Adios People!!!

Im back!!!…

July 10, 2006

I felt like I was missing something without blogging about celeb stuff on a daily basis and well for the time being im bringing myself back the scene…I have 2 blogs now Planet Damien (which is all lost related now since that theme took off on there) and Rapnix (which is like my personal diary that I shall upload stuff when I can). So with me being back and all I shall do a few posts now.

Planet Damien…

June 14, 2006

The Redesign Process of Rappys World is on….and at the moment im in process of securing domain and securing a new blog type system but until then all posts will be on Planet Damien…they will be daily round up posts…not individual posts….so pop on over and make sure you bookmark it either on browser or via Feedburner…


June 3, 2006

Welcome to all the people coming from Planet Damien…thats my personal blog but due to bandwidth issues we have decided to pull the site and it will go under a radical redesign so its nice to the workload of the host 🙂

All Hanso related updates will be on here for from now and lost related stuff will go on here as well so keep watching for updates 🙂

MySpace Shout Out…

May 30, 2006

Could call this a shameless plug to get more friends and you would be correct…lol…add me if you have the myspace so I can see some of my fans who visit everyday and also visit Planet Damien for the latest in Lost and Personal News (if your from UK and watching lost at UK pace be warned my Planet Damien site is spoilerific)