Britney Introduces Hubby…

August 22, 2006


Why do they persist in torturing us with Kevin Federline!!!…ok so he raps but he’s not good at it and im not saying im a good judge of rapping btw. But I bet people buy the CD because they will be intrigued with how it is and thus that makes him money. His wife introduced him at the Teen Choice Awards and the video is below.

Ashlee Looks Happy!!!…

August 21, 2006

Whats up Ashlee!!!…it seems that when she leaves Club Hyde shes in a bad mood or something just hasnt gone her way. Im not feeling the clothes either what is she wearing!!!…some kind of t-shirt and plain jeans…nothing skimpy like last time we saw her…booooo. More after jump!!!

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Orrico does Berlin…

August 21, 2006

I havent seen much of Stacie Orricon lately so these are a breath of fresh air. I have her latest album and have listened to it a few times, I really like her music ever since she released that catchy tune when she debuted over here in the UK. There are some photos from Berlin where she is leaving a hotel.

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Myspace has become a medium where you can announce anything to the world and people will listen and read with over 101m profiles it is the worlds biggest medium. So Peaches Geldof (Daughter of Bob) has announced that last year she earned £250k through Dj’ing and being an Editor for newspapers. Thats pretty cool…I have got to find my niche so I can earn bucks like that!!!

The 17-year-old recently placed herself in the ‘£250,000 and higher’ earnings bracket on her MySpace profile, the Daily Mail reports.

As well as her recent DJ-ing stint in Ibiza, Bob Geldof’s precocious daughter has also written for ElleGirl magazine and the Sunday Telegraph, as well as fronting two television documentaries on teenage angst.


Noooo Nude…

August 16, 2006

Christina Aguilera has sensationally turned down a record breaking offer to pose nude in playboy, you have to wonder why because just the other day she was mentioning how she would like to get with Halle Berry and get down and diiirrrrty to quote the woman herself.

The lovely Christina Aguilera is back with her new jazz-infused album, Back To Basics, and appears to be turning over something of a new leaf.

We all know she’s hardly the shy, retiring type (particularly after seeing the video for Dirrty), but I can reveal that Mrs. Bratman turned down the chance to appear in US Playboy, despite it making its highest ever offer to a pop star. A mole told me: “We’re in shock because she’s not known as a prude.

“We’re keeping our fingers crossed that she might change her mind.”

Oh well lets hope she does change her mind…soon!!!


Jessica Simpsons Promo…

August 12, 2006

How hot does Jess look here!!!…nice little tight panties make her ass look spankable…shame there isnt a back view….yeh enough of my seedy comments but come on it does look good and its all for her new album coming soon, these are promo shots well promo shot there has been others released but none as good as this.

Even Animals Hate Paris…

August 11, 2006

Above is the animal that inflicted damage on Paris Hilton…so he has heard the single as well then?!?…no all jokes aside she could of been seriously hurt and caught something (theres a joke there as well). She went to an emergency room at 3am to recieve medical attention and a tetanus shot….some people keep the weirdest pets…I must dash and feed my orangutan…LOL

(Popsugar and Wesmirch)