Links You Cant Spray…

August 20, 2006

Its time for another round of rappys links…I actually forgot to do them friday…how mad was that!!!…pretty mad i’d say!!!.

/ When doesnt Kate Beckinsale work out…im thinking she could cash in on xmas DVD (Babeaudit)
/ Britney cant wait to give birth…again!!! (Blog Absolutely)
/ Lindsay and Ledger and others get behind good causes. (Celebrity Nation)
/ How hot is Xtina when she pulls funny faces…very hot!!! (Celebrity Smack)
/ Woah its a hot outdoor Britney…quick get the camera!!! (Celebrity Terrorist)
/ One Girls Aloud member I wish I could date!!! (Cognito Scans)
/ Kristin and her puppy…of the animal kind!!! (Danas Dirt)
/ WTF is this about!!! (IMDB)
/ LMAO at this title of a porn movie…it so wants you to buy it!!! (Porn)
/ Sexy Webcam Girl (Camfruit)
/ Monkey Flash about Youtube…yeah you had to be there!!! (LiquidGeneration)

That concludes this weeks links and to end with a Rachel Bilson Joke Fest well 2 jokes and they are lame but shes hot so they are funny…wheres my car ride with her!!!

Naked and Nasty…

August 17, 2006

Lohan Naked

I just love to post everything about Lindsay Lohan lately but its getting so close now to her getting fully nude and we enjoying it. I saw these over at Egotastic and thought yes!!! but then looked closer and saw that there was drink and drugs and sometimes thats just not good especially if you have been to hospital with problems. Below are the pictures and thanks to PerezHilton who got these great shots!!!

Noooo Nude…

August 16, 2006

Christina Aguilera has sensationally turned down a record breaking offer to pose nude in playboy, you have to wonder why because just the other day she was mentioning how she would like to get with Halle Berry and get down and diiirrrrty to quote the woman herself.

The lovely Christina Aguilera is back with her new jazz-infused album, Back To Basics, and appears to be turning over something of a new leaf.

We all know she’s hardly the shy, retiring type (particularly after seeing the video for Dirrty), but I can reveal that Mrs. Bratman turned down the chance to appear in US Playboy, despite it making its highest ever offer to a pop star. A mole told me: “We’re in shock because she’s not known as a prude.

“We’re keeping our fingers crossed that she might change her mind.”

Oh well lets hope she does change her mind…soon!!!


How hot is Heidi Klum lately shes being doing this “take your clothes off” thing for a few weeks now and im liking it and these Esquire pictures are pretty amazing as well, these were obviously take before the whole preggers thing but even so when she has the baby and shes back to 100% hotness the magazine shows us that thats what she could look like.

(See the rest @ Hollywood Tuna)

Links for the Memory…

August 8, 2006

I havent got much to post and im bored so its time for some liiiiiiiiiiiinks….lets get this ball rolling!!!

/ Jessica Simpson has big bones…I have to say im not feeling the outfit…doesnt make her look sexy at all!!! (Superficial)

/ Jude Law could be General Zod in Superman Sequel (Blog.Absolutely)

/ Rachel McAdams chills out with I-Pod at Bus Stop (Britboy in LA)

/ Tom Cruise is earning less and does that matter to his bank balance I think the answer is no… (Celebrity Nation)

/ Heather Mills had a run in with the law…tut tut (Celebrity Terrorist)

/ Natalie Portman may become a hooker…shes really taking my favourite kinda of roles for women (Yeeeah)

/ Cant wait to see DOA (Dead or Alive) for the moments like Volleyball in bikinis and such…meet the girls of the movie!!! (Popoholic)

/ Drew Barrymore goes hikining…we share something in common…wooop (Danas Dirt)

/ Zoo’s 100 Sexiest with some interesting results… (Ferrys Blog)

/ Britney is shopping for more then one these days and I still would (Gossipin)

/ 007 could be beckoning for P Diddy… (Hot Online News)

/ Cameron Diaz looks…Normal?!? (Idontlikeyouinthatway)

/ Snakes on a…Friend the new film made by loonies. (Danerd)

/ Found a good bedspread for future girlfriends (Karmasheetra)

/ Cant wait for the Calendar for Girls Aloud…its gonna be hot!!! (Hotstuff Files)

We end with what we usually end with and thats a funny youtube video today its the trailer to the upcoming film Pulse starring Kristin Bell.

Nude thats Stupid!!!…

August 7, 2006

Cat Deeley

Ever since Cat Deeley did CD:UK I think I always liked her wit and her charm and her looks but thats beside the point so when shes offered the chance to go nude…you do it…no questions asked but nooooo Leonardo di’caprio steps in and ruins the damn dream!!!…saying it would ruin her english charm…thats a pick up line and a half if you ask me.

The source added: “When he heard her talking about posing naked, he couldn’t help interjecting to advise her not to ruin her English Rose appeal.”

Meanwhile, it has been suggested Cat’s motives for dating the global superstar could be a way to advance her own career in America.

A source said: “Cat is impressing the right people. Having Leo on her arm can’t do her any harm. She could be the next Catherine Zeta Jones.”

Whats mad is that now he stepped in they are dating…whats this world coming to!!!

(Thanks Nosy Snoop, Wesmirch and Female First)

Nicole Richie has lost her phone and the result well its not been found so theres stuff on there she doesnt want people to see like….nude pictures!!! and if that aint bad enough she thinks she’ll get embarassed if they are released. Sometimes you wonder why they take them in the first place because if your famous and you lose your phone or blackberry its bound to be released to make that quick $2000 in a gossip mag. Anyway im not turning down the chance to see them tho so if ou have the phone release them!!!

Nicole Richie has been rocked by a nude photo scandal, with X-rated photographs of the socialite and her celebrity friends set to be leaked on to the Web. According to sources, the skinny star, 24, is scared stiff raunchy shots of her will be circulated after she lost her camera at nightspot Guy’s in LA recently. “Nicole had been experimenting and had a memory card full of sexy nude photos of her and a lot of friends,” says a source. “They’d be embarrassed if they got out.” Nicole was partying with pals – including Lindsay Lohan and ex-boyfriend Adam Goldstein, aka DJ AM – at a karaoke night at the West Hollywood hot spot when she lost the camera containing the saucy shots.

(Ninemsn and Wesmirch)