Ashlee Looks Happy!!!…

August 21, 2006

Whats up Ashlee!!!…it seems that when she leaves Club Hyde shes in a bad mood or something just hasnt gone her way. Im not feeling the clothes either what is she wearing!!!…some kind of t-shirt and plain jeans…nothing skimpy like last time we saw her…booooo. More after jump!!!

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I just love the fact then when you see Michelle Trachtenberg that she looks so dirty and devious…lol…I think its her face got that look that in a nightclub would be amazingly hot. Bet she comes over to you and grinds up and down you….yeh!!! im getting hot and flustered now better stop that…theres more after the jump!!!

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Ashlee is Pants…

August 4, 2006


Never to be outdone by her sister Ashlee has decided to go one step further…we had Jessica showing her nips to the world which was amazing and like a dream come true but now Ashlee said thats utter pants and see my pants which she has done. Getting into a car if you are female is a tricky job as Mischa Barton and other high profile female celebs have found out. Credit Egotastic for these amazing pictures…good work guys!!!

(Theres more after jump)

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Just love the fact that when she goes out she wears the tightest top she could wear to hold in those massive assets the only problem I see with this is its raining so the top should become see through…but it doesnt!!! its like a travest amongst travestys. I would be there with a hose just spraying it over her to make sure we see stuff.

(Credit to Poynt)


June 12, 2006

Its like something out of the old Michael Jackson video for thriller…its that scary that Denise Richards would lower herself to perform with the pussycorpse trolls (pussycat dolls unless you have seen the video for Beatfreakz song Somebody watching over me). This was taken in Las Vegas and also it maybe the case she is also engaged to Richie Sambora…Rappys judgement is dont do it Denise…you can do better!!!

…Dress on…what did you think I was going to say…come on im not that shallow…or am I?!? (More from Event After Jump)

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First Jessica Now Scarlett…its like a trend for the women of hollywood to have lips that can be seen from space…its a given I would give her some but you will need to wear glasses first tho to get over that glow!!!…more after jump!!!

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