Zach’s Scrubs Move On…

August 21, 2006

Zach Braff

I read today that Zach Braff has left scrubs or will leave scrubs after the new season is filmed so he can work on his main actor film roles…now I think this is great because Garden State is fantastic but its a shame because Scrubs wont be the same without him so I think this is a good reason for NBC to give it up after this season.

He tells Premiere magazine, “My guess is that this will be my last season (on Scrubs).”

“Whether or not they continue without me, I don’t know.”

“I have had this amazing run on the show and I love it and I’m so grateful, but I want to make movies full time.”

(Teen Hollywood)


For a long time I have loved Collegehumour site for funny videos and pictures that would entertain me if I was bored or at a loose end but according to Gawker they are on the verge of being sold for $20m to InterActiveCorp. Sounds like a sweet deal lets hope it stays the way it is and just reading on they have over 6m viewers a month…thats just mad right there!!!

The long-rumored deal between skank-humor hub and Barry Diller’s InterActiveCorp has finally been consummated. IAC has acquired a 51% stake in CollegeHumor’s parent company, Connected Ventures, LLC, and full voting control of the company (Barry’s a bit of a dom). The Post guesstimated the deal to hover around $20 million, but we’ve been told that the price tag was quite a bit higher. Never underestimate the financial viability of photographing pyramids constructed from beer cans.

Visit Collegehumour HERE and DIGG the post.

Jurassic Park 4…

August 14, 2006

Jurassic Park

Over at ohnotheydidnt they have posted what could be the possible synopsis for the next Jurassic Park movie which is called Jurassic Park 4 (no surprise there). It was posted over at IMDB.

65 million years ago, a terrible disease plauged the Earth which brought about the extinction of the dinosaurs. In the early eighties, when InGen cloned the dinosaurs, they also brought this disease back with them and it has been present ever since before Jurassic Park (thus explaining the sick Triceratops and Brachiosaur). Now this disease has become fully active in the dinosaurs and they’re all getting very ill. When dinosaur carcasses start washing up on the shore of Costa Rica, a team (including Alan Grant) is called out to find out what’s going on. They head to the islands to study the dinosaurs and find out about the disease, known as DX. They also discover the disease is transferable to humans and could possibly bring on our own extinction.

Interesting Story right there…i’m thinking Jurassic Park 5 that involves Zombies…now thats good writing right there!!!

Im after Gotham!!!…

August 1, 2006

I was reading over at AICN that Heath Ledger has been confirmed to be on board for the next Batman movie and it got me thinking if he plays the joker will he better then Jack Nicholson or worse and my view is worse because when he played the Joker Jack was amazing…loved him as the joker…just seems weird really to bring back another baddie from a previous movie. Batman faced alot of enemies cant you use some of the others?!?…anyway if you read more theres the press release.

Heres a fan movie of the original Joker on Youtube.

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Ho Ho Ho…

July 31, 2006

Die Hard 4 at the moment is still up in the air but one thing is nearly confirmed that Justin Long of Waiting and Jeepers Creepers 1/2 fame is set to star along side McClane (Willis) in the next Die Hard Installment. Just what he is gonna do is a mystery im thinking son which would be cool but maybe he’s a sidekick that deals in bombs that would also be good.

Also Len Wisemen of Underworld fame should be directing it.


Pammy and Kid Rock

Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock are gonna get married in different states not because they want to but because vital people are missing out on the wedding so we have encore weddings. They might get bored tho…time will tell if it lasts.

“I’m going to get married a few times this month to the same guy,” said Anderson, already sporting a bridal veil, during a Wednesday news conference in Las Vegas to promote her new online gaming site,

(Credit WeSmirch and People Magazine)

Britney Spears

The former Poolboy of Britney Spears has spoken out how she wasnt as nice as she seems after he was fired for talking to much to Kevin Federline. Kevin used to lie around and then he would be talking to K-Fed and then Britney would come out shouting…poor dude it aint his fault that K-Fed is lazy using his downtime to write songs.

“She wants Kevin on a leash,” LaLanne told the mag. “She fires everybody. I figured, ‘Why not me?’ I just didn’t expect her to be so mean.” He adds: “It’s a revolving door there. She’s not the nice person everyone thinks she is.”

(Credit to WeSmirch and MSNBC)